Safety & Fire Protection

Galaxy Technology offers a range of solutions in fire protection and safety. From consultancy, Design, Supply, Implementation and certification of fire safety systems.
Our services cover:

Fire Protection Services
We at Galaxy Technology provide fully turnkey key fire protection projects which cover:
  • Fire Pumps Systems (UL Listed Fire Pumps (End Suction, Split Case and Vertical Turbine) and Standard skid mounted Fire Pump Systems, up to 4000 GPM).
  • Sprinklers Systems
  • Fire Hose Reel Systems
  • Fire Alarm, Detection & Extinguishing Systems
  • Gaseous Systems (FM200/HFC 227 Systems, CO2 Systems, NOVEC 1230 Systems)
  • Hydrant Systems
  • Foam Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Systems
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Passive Fire Protection Solutions

Passifire solutions and services include:

  • Fire Stopping of service penetrations
  • Intumescent Coatings for structural steelwork providing up to 3 hours fire resistance
  • Fire rated partitions, ceilings, and drylining systems
  • Cementitious Sprays to steelwork offering up to 4 hours resistance
  • Fire boards to encase steelwork
  • Fire retardant coatings for timber substrates, fabrics, curtains, clothing and tents
  • Spray Applied Acoustic Insulation
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