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Galaxy Technology Co. was established in the year 2010 with a clear vision to be a significant player in Electromechanical, Telecommunication, IT Network solutions, Industrial and Oil & Gas field solution business in the Middle East.

Today the projects Galaxy Technology involved is spiraled around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranging from Electromechanical, Telecommunications to IT and a major supplier to Oil and Gas field specialized equipment’s and solutions. Industrial projects includes our specialized range of Composite Wrap solutions which is gaining world wide recognition for its unique technology and low cost quick fixes to several of the problems faced in the industry.

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telecom galaxy technology

Since Galaxy Technology was established in 2010, Mobile In-Building Coverage solutions was the core business of the company.

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Enterprise and Low Current Services

Galaxy have partnered with World Leading Brands such as Huawei, Hanawah, Control4 and others.

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Electromechanical Section

At Galaxy technology company in partnership with various reputed manufacturers around the world.

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